Casa La Linda


Karl and Linda

Karl and Linda

Christmas is always a magical time of year, especially at Casa La Linda.  Those who have not visited Karl and Linda’s magical condo are really missing out on a great experience; especially if you happen to have children or grandchildren or visiting Mexican children.  We have been there several times this year with different people and have thoroughly enjoyed each visit.  This is the third time I have photographed their enchanted condo and every year there is something different.   I believe Karl said it takes them around six weeks to set everything up.   They will start dismantling around January 8th, so if you are here and haven’t visited, I suggest you do so soon.  If you miss the Christmas show, they also decorate for many of the other Holidays.  There have been many others who have also decorated their terraces this year and it has been exciting to see the many different shows.

Nothing Is Harder To Replace Than Yesterday

To see more photographs of their condo click on this link

Portrait Photography in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Photography

Christmas Photography in Puerto Vallarta

Christmas Photography in Puerto Vallarta

Christmas Photography in Puerto Vallarta

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