Choosing a Photographer

                                   Because Nothing Is Harder To Replace Than Yesterday 

Choosing a Photographer in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The digital revolution has spawned many new and exciting inventions. Unfortunately, it has also produced many well meaning photographers in Puerto Vallarta who, with a good camera and little knowledge or experience, often produce disappointing results.  The camera doesn’t think or create; it merely records an event as it is told to.  Works of Art are created by the individual and Dale has 40 years of photographic experience in creating Photographic Art.  His images have been published in many magazines and periodicals around the World. They have also been displayed in numerous shows and exhibits including three shows at the Walt Disney EPCOT Center. He has received countless awards including three Kodak Gallery awards. He earned his Bachelor’s of Professional Arts Degree in photography and he is a Professional Photographers of America Certified Master photographer. Dale is dedicated to preserving memories with the Art of Photography. He is a professional, award-winning photographer who loves capturing irreplaceable moments in your life. Families are growing and changing faster than you think. Preserve your memories, feelings, and family history in a beautiful way by taking the time to have portraits taken. We specialize in Wedding Photography in Puerto Vallarta as well as Photography in Puerto Vallarta of Families, Individuals and Children.  We love spending time capturing your memories through the lens of the Camera.

What Makes the Perfect Photograph?

The main reason we started this page was to educate and share ideas with our clients, friends, and any one who wanted to learn about how to become a great Photographer in Puerto Vallarta. Our work speaks for itself, and we know what makes a good portrait and how to reproduce works of art on a day to day basis. We thought we would start by sharing our knowledge through this site. The first series we want to share with you are the 11 Essential Elements Of the Perfect Portrait. These elements that we will talk about are: Enhancements, Creativity, Retouching, What to wear, Best time of day to do photography, Lighiting, Style, Story Telling, Customer Service, your Finished Work of Art and Photographers in Puerto Vallarta. We know our clients come to us because they are spending time and money to make their portrait one they will treasure and hand down for generations. We hope these suggestions will help them.

“I Never Knew It looked Like That !”

Choosing a Photographer in :Puerto Vallarta

Out of camera is on the left, the enhanced version is on the right. Notice the improved color and vibrancy to the image.


A trend of Photographers in Puerto Vallarta doing Sittings and Wedding Photography in Puerto Vallarta is to give away a CD at the end with the images of that sitting or wedding . A big disadvantage to doing this is that you won’t get the full affect of what the image could be. Below is an example of an enhanced image and the difference it makes in the final product. Which one would you want hanging in your living room? If sharing your image on the Internet and Facebook is what you are looking for, we are happy to help you do that. Enjoy these photos and see if you can see what changes we made to make them better !

Choosing a Family Photographer in Puerto Vallarta

Before and after enhancement

Photography in Puerto Vallarta of an engaged couple

Three stages of Enhancements. 1=Right out of the camera. 2=Normal enhancements. 3= Some additional enhancements. Which one would you want hanging on your wall?

Puerto Vallarta PhotographerCreativity

Creativity by Photographers in Puerto Vallarta refers to the phenomenon whereby a person creates something new (a product, a solution, a work of art, a novel, a joke, etc.) that has some kind of value. This is Wikipedia’s definition. While this is a broad definition of creativity you can definitely find creativity in many places. Two examples are: My preschooler’s drawing and The Sistine Chapel. While both are creative, one is in a whole different category than the other. Both new and creative and of worth to someone.

puerto vallarta photography of an engaged couple

Our sittings are not boring! We specialize in giving you lots of creative variety and making your decisions difficult.


Beautiful Puerto Vallarta Sunset

But can they really be put in the same category? When looking for a Photographer in Puerto Vallarta to capture the memories and important events in your life this is definitely an important element. There is a stigma assigned to more experienced Photographers in Puerto Vallarta that they aren’t as creative. There is a belief that to experience something new and exciting, one must pick a Photographer in Puerto Vallarta who has new ideas, or someone who isn’t influenced by education. But my experience has been that the opposite is true. When viewing the work of new Photographers in Puerto Vallarta and experienced Photographers in Puerto Vallarta who are trained and certified, you can compare them just like the comparison of the preschool drawing and the Sistine Chapel . The inexperienced Photographer in Puerto Vallarta captures an image on his camera, however, the lighting, and technical composition lack somewhat. Now you may be thinking “I am no Sistine Chapel,” or “what can you expect with such a model” But I can assure that a real artist sees beyond the limitations of the canvas, bringing together light, texture, background, subject and emotion, to create a master piece that you will want to hang on your wall and share will friends and neighbors. I Hope you enjoy the samples of the creative works of arts that we have created at Artistic Photography.

choosing photographers in puerto vallarta

First Photo is a Family in Snow – Second is our photograph on the cover of the Professional Photographer – Third is an artistic rendering


Recently I walked down the hall and as I did I glanced in a full length mirror. To my astonishment I looked 10 pounds heavier. I was very much upset by this and complained to my husband who smiled and said, “you look the same as you did yesterday.” I wasn’t happy with that explanation but realized that my clothes still fit the same, I just wasn’t use to looking at my self that way.

Photographer in Puerto Vallarta

First Photo there is no retouching. Notice in the second photo the size difference in her arm and body. No need to wait a few months until you loose weight!

Photography by Photographers in Puerto Vallarta can be cruel sometimes because it offers us what we truly look like and sometimes highlight the areas that we, in our minds, have tried to block out. Weight, acne, yellowing of teeth, double chins, dandruff, etc. Little things about ourselves that people who see us, or even ourselves overlook everyday. This is one reason we specialize in retouching our images. As we help people look their best we edit the images so that they look more like the “me” they are use to. We can also do head-swaps on the difficult subjects if needs be. We want your photographs to look natural so that no one can tell that these changes have ever been made. We can take 50 pounds off of you, however, if you don’t look like yourself no one will recognize you !

Photographer in Puerto Vallarta

Before and after face retouching

What Should I Wear?

This should be one of the most important consideration by Photographers in Puerto Vallarta in producing a work of Art. In family and couple Photography in Puerto Vallarta it is important to coordinate. Avoid bright colors, plaids, patterns and anything else that might attract the eyes attention and take it away from the rest of those in the photograph. In family portraits it is really nice if everyone can coordinate. In larger families with extended families, it is acceptable for the different families to wear different colors or shades of color. Always remember that plaids and patters distract. Dark colors thin while light colors add weight. Long sleeves thin and short sleeves add weight.  These are just guidelines.  The most important thing is to wear something that you would be proud of others seeing you in.

Family Photography in Puerto Vallarta

Three rules of a great Family Portrait. 1. coordinate 2. coordinate 3. coordinate

What Is The Best Time Of day?

The best time of day for Photographers in Puerto Vallarta to do Photography In Puerto Vallarta  is either early morning or evening just prior to Sunset. This is what we call the Sweet Light and it produces the best lighting for your photographs. Avoid high noon as this is when the Sun is highest and the results are the harshest. If you have small Children, you may consider an early morning photo session or a late afternoon nap before an evening session. Do not be afraid of cloudy skies. We love cloudy skies as clouds diffuse the sun which results in a much softer and more attractive lighting.


To Photographers in Puerto Vallarta, Lighting is an important element that helps determine whether a photograph is great or just average.  Many believe that bright sun lit days are the best for photography.  Nothing is further from the truth, especially when photographing people.  Bright sun creates Raccoon eyes, sweat, squinting eyes, as well as it enhances wrinkles and age lines.  We love nice soft clouds that diffuse the light.  That being said, this is Puerto Vallarta and we have a lot of nice bright sunny days.   On bright sunny days, we will look for shady areas, preferable with a western exposure, in which to take your photographs.  The western sky acts as a big reflector and creates a more pleasing soft light in the shade.  It is also nice if we have a structure nearby reflecting some sun into the shade.   If there is no shade around, we will position you so that the sun does not hit you directly in the face or even have the sun behind you (back Lit).  In these situations, a well exposed flash fill is required to bring detail back into your face.  Too much flash looks washed out and artificial and with too little your face will be dark.  It must be perfect.  The best time for Photographers in Puerto Vallarta to do Photography in Puerto Vallarta is early morning or in the evening before sunset as this is when the sun is in its lowest position and produces the finest lighting.  Mid day photography of people should be avoided whenever possible.


We are all unique individuals with unique ideas and dreams.  Every Photographer in Puerto Vallarta, just as any Artist, has his own style.  Make sure that your photographer’s style is something that you will be happy with, or that they have the experience and expertise to adapt to what you want.  An experienced Professional Photographer in Puerto will be able to adapt his photography to meet his client’s needs and desires.

Story Telling

Every photographic session, whether it be a Wedding or an individual portrait, should tell a story.  If there is one thing that every Professional Photographer in Puerto Vallarta should know, it is how to tell a story with his Puerto Vallarta Photography.  You are a special and unique individual and it is our responsibility, as Professional Photographers, to record your memories in a manner that will showcase you and your personality.

Customer Service

Wow, what can I say!  We have all had good and bad experiences with customer service.  So here I will put it in writing.

As your Photographer in Puerto Vallarta we will do everything in our power to insure that you have a good photographic experience and that your Photographs are amazing.  We will answer your questions the same day we receive them and we, if a problem should arise, will do everything possible to solve it. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our service or our finished images, we will refund everything to you.

Your Finished Works of Art

Your sitting is just the beginning of your photographic memories. All of our photographs are printed at a professional lab, in the States, and not at a cut rate 1 hour or warehouse facility. This ensures that your photographs are printed on the finest photographic papers utilizing the latest technology and quality control. All images 8×12 and larger are retouched and enhanced.. Your finished photographs will be a work of Art that will last a lifetime.

Photographers in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

If you are looking for a Photographer in Puerto Vallarta, or the surrounding areas of Bucerias, Sayulita, Riviera Nayarit, or Nuervo Vallarta, give us a call. We specialize in Artistic Photograhy of Families, Weddings, Couples, and Children. While you are in Puerto Vallarta, why not have a family portrait , or an individual portrait suitable for hanging in the finest home or office?  You have many choices of Photographers in Puerto Vallarta.  It would be our honor to your Photographer in Puerto Vallarta and be part of your photographic memories.

Why have Dale be your Photographer in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico?

  • One of Dale’s main goals in his Photography in Puerto Vallarta is to find out each clients unique style. Some clients are very traditional and others like to be pretty wild and crazy.  Dale tries very hard to customize his photography images to each individual’s personality and style.
  • He will get your Photography in Puerto Vallarta right.
  • He has a degree in photography and lots of experience.  He did not pick up his camera six months ago and start doing Wedding Photography in Puerto Vallarta.
  • Dale attends seminars and is constantly researching the web, and any other sources he can find, to get new ideas and continue to be the coolest Photographer in Puerto Vallarta or on Planet Earth.  One of the things that make photography fun for Dale is trying out new and interesting ideas.   On every event he tries to create photography images that he has never done before.
  • Dale is a very calm under pressure.  Many clients comment on how great he handled their chaotic Wedding Photography in Puerto Vallarta.
  • We are Americans and we specialize in doing photography of Americans and Canadians because we understand the importance of customer service and dependability.  We know your traditions and we speak your language.  We are your Photographer in Puerto Vallarta.
  • There are many Photographers in Puerto Vallarta and it would be our honor to be your Puerto Vallarta Photographer.