Robert and Andrea Family

The Robert and Andrea Family come to Puerto Vallarta every few years to visit their parents who winter here.  This is the second time we have had the opportunity of doing their Photography in Puerto Vallarta. They have two adorable twin girls who neither look or act like twins.  It is so refreshing to photograph families that are happy and enjoy being photographed.  Children are always a little iffy as they can turn from happy to sad in just a matter of seconds.  Claire and Miranda are always happy and create great opportunities for some fun candid’s.  Below are just a few of over 130 beautiful images of this family.  Families have many Photographers in Puerto Vallart to choose from and it is always an honor when they choose us to be to be their Photographer in Puerto Vallarta.

“We recently did a large photo session with family and friends — 4 parents, 4 five to seven year olds, and 2 grand parents. Despite the crowd, Dale and Marian kept it organized. They produced a great mix of posed and “action” pictures. Dale always had an eye out for the kids who were not being photographed and grabbed some great shots of them interacting behind the scenes. All of the pictures were great. We have Dale do photographs whenever we are in Puerto Vallarta!”

Rob Bartholomeu 

“Dear Dale and Marian,
Last night, we all got around to viewing the lovely photos that you took- Rob hooked the photo stream up to the TV so we could all look at them at the same time. They were absolutely beautiful. The girls just looked so cute and happy- you are so skilled at getting shots that look natural. Thank you so much for the time and effort to do this for us- you have captured some beautiful family memories of our family which we are so grateful for”.

Thank you, Andrea Fraser

Photographers Puerto Vallarta

Robert, Andrea, Claire, Miranda

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